Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wall Street Journal: Brinkmanship Returns to Eurozone | Ukraina.ru

Western sanctions on Russia and its response measures were partly responsible for the united Europe to stick in the crisis in 2014 despite analysts’ predictions

Europe has probably never been so close to disintegration as it is now, The Wall Street Journal writes.

The eurozone was presumably to get out of the debt crisis that year, the year when the economic growth would come back alongside with consumer confidence and new jobs. But things went the wrong way in 2014, the newspaper notes.

The Ukrainian crisis and western sanctions on Russia which had a particularly negative effect on German companies are not the only contributors to the current situation. The Wall Street Journal also marks slower economic growth in China and in other emerging economies.

Besides, reforms and austerity policies failed to solve structural problems of many European economies. Thus, Spain, Portugal and Greece are already weary of such changes. Budget cuts in France and Italy had to be restrained under the pressure from the opposition, the newspaper claims.

Complete story at - Wall Street Journal: Brinkmanship Returns to Eurozone Ukraina.ru

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