Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Video journalists declared "wanted criminals" by Ukraine's secret service; newspaper office in Kharkiv firebombed - New Cold War

Newspaper in Kharkiv is firebombed after being accused of airing “seperatist” views.

By New Cold War.org editors, Jan 11, 2015

UK video journalist Graham Phillips and his film partner, Patrick John Lancaster, have been declared “wanted criminals” by Ukraine’s secret service, the SBU. The news is reported on Facebook by John Lancaster (report below).

The declaration by the SBU is part of the widespread crackdown on freedom of the press taking place in Ukraine. There have been at least five journalists killed since the beginning of the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’ of the Kyiv government in eastern Ukraine last April. They were killed by shelling by Ukraine armed forces and militia. One was Italian, the other four were Russian.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, Russian language newspapers, radio and television stations have been closed because they were deemed to be ‘security’ threats. Journalists deemed to be reporting the views of “seperatists” in eastern Ukraine face threats and harsh legal sanctions.

Meanwhile, journalists began staging protests in Kyiv in late November after the government announced the formation of a ‘Ministry of Information’ that will henceforth tightly control the dissemination of information.

The latest attack on media took place on Jan. 11 at the office in Kharkiv of the Ukrainian-language newspaper Slavyanska. At 2:20 pm, a mob of some 20 people broke the windows of the newspaper with stones and then threw firebombs inside. (See photo or weblink.) There were two people working inside.

Complete story at - Video journalists declared "wanted criminals" by Ukraine's secret service; newspaper office in Kharkiv firebombed - New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond

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