Monday, January 19, 2015

The Vineyard of the Saker: The Empire on the offensive in France and Russia

The Empire on the offensive in France and Russia

The latest issues of Charlie Hebdo has been printed at 3 million copies (some sources said 5 million). They go on ebay for up to 300 Euros. RT reports that "Sunni Islam's most renowned center of learning, Al-Azhar in Cairo, said that the cartoons "stir up hatred" and "do not serve the peaceful coexistence between peoples." Tabnak, a conservative online outlet in Iran, wrote that "Charlie Hebdo has again insulted the Prophet."

French comedian Dieudonne was arrested for "apology for terrorism". He had tweeted “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly” (combining Charlie and the last name of one of the terrorists involved in the attacks. Millions will not take to the streets to protect his freedom of speech. They are Charlie, but they are not Dieudonne.

A source of mine with links to French police services has told me that the French Ministry of Internal Affairs had created a hotline to report terrorist. About 50% of the messages they got were "Allahu Akbar!".

Another of my sources in Europe tells me that the European Commission will meet to decide if the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics will be declared "terrorist organizations" following the bombing of a bus filled with civilians in the Ukraine. Apparently, the bus exploded out of reach of Novorussian artillery and probably on a landmine.

One more thing. Dmitri Orlov has written an absolutely fantastic piece entitled "Peculiarities of Russian National Character" every word of which I fully subscribe to and which I highly recommend to everybody.

The Saker

Complete story at - The Vineyard of the Saker: The Empire on the offensive in France and Russia

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