Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kiev captured and muddled. News from the occupied city... - Truth about situation in Ukraine

Kiev captured and muddled. News from the occupied city

My daughter lives in Kiev. She sings in a small jazz group. She performs at night clubs for young people. Recently she was offered a stage to perform in one of the clubs downtown, near Khreshchatyk. The decoration of the hall shocked her: the walls were “artfully” covered with obscene rhymes targeting Putin. The manager of the club warned her that it was in the tradition of the place to routinely get up and sing Ukrainian anthem together with the audience. At that he looked at my daughter with a tense scrutinizing glance. Needless to say that she decided against performing there …

Russophobia is in vogue among the young Kievites, and not only among the young ones. I know a family of 40-year-olds. The head of the family is a middle class businessman. He is a nice, modest guy with a typical Russian last name, something like “Smirnov”. He regularly goes to the ATO zone with the aid for Ukrainian troops he provides at his own expense. His wife, who was born in Russian heartland, sheds a tear, when she mentions “our boys, who are being murdered by Russians”.

Russophobia became a synonym of Ukrainian patriotism. The people, who keep silence and do not support conversations, in which Russia and Russians are cursed, cause suspicion. Many people really consider that Ukraine is in the state of war with Russia. Some people know that it is a lie, but they pretend not to know.

Without war, without “Russian aggression” one would not be able to explain economic and legal chaos that had engulfed Ukraine. People would have to acknowledge that Maidan was in vain, that the protesters had been fooled by a bunch of local and foreign scoundrels. They do not want to feel humiliated and deceived. And in addition TV propaganda is in full swing since early morning till night, broadcasting “news from Russian-Ukrainian front”. And the population calms down: they are dot dumb asses, it is the war that is ruining everything, and revolution was a great idea.

Until the propaganda screen is lifted, millions of people will keep on staying in the muddled state of mind. This is the problem the liberators of Ukraine from the Nazi yoke are going to be faced with.

I will give several every-day-life facts.

Complete story at - Kiev captured and muddled. News from the... - Truth about situation in Ukraine

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