Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wage arrears in Ukraine, as unemployment hits new highs |

Public sector workers in Ukraine have not seen their wages in months

Teachers and doctors say their wages are paid in installments, they have lost their bonuses, and it is unknown whether they will see their money before the end of the year.

Teachers in Ternopil gathered outside the regional administration building demanding the payment of back-wages and a 20-percent bonus. Local media reports say that public sector employees across the country either are not paid their wages at all, or are paid in installments with significant delays.

Meanwhile, in some parts of the country, unemployment is setting new records. Vasyl Barilyuk, the director of the Lviv regional employment center, told the newspaper Vesti that there are almost 23,000 unemployed individuals in the Lviv region with 13-16 applications for one job.

"In the past there used to be 1,500-2,000 vacancies, but now there are two or three times fewer," city employment center head Oleh Risnyi adds.

Economic decline is only one reason; refugees are another, he said. Officially, there are 9,000 refugees in the region, but in reality their number is three times as large.

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