Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Sergey Glazyev on Ukrainian Nazism and the Reasons why the Empire Has Turned to Nazism

"Ideologically this war is Nazism-fuelled – the Kiev junta’s propaganda works hard to instill into the public mind a misanthropic view of its opponents. They are targets for beastly comparisons; they are denied the right to speak their mind, with beatings and arrests being the sole alternatives; it is allowed to burn them alive, and the Ukrainian military is ordered not to hesitate to take their lives. The leaders of the Kiev regime have been making public calls for massacres of Ukrainian citizens in Donbass who dare express dissent. As he distributed awards among the butchers of Slavyansk, so-called President Poroshenko openly referred to their victims as “non-humans” and the head of government Arseny Yatsenyuk in his public statements called the Russians in the east of Ukraine subhumans. Their main political opponent before the political conflict – Yulia Timoshenko – said Donbass deserved atomic bombing, and number three candidate in the presidential election race Oleg Lyashko personally participated in organizing mass repression against Russian citizens of Ukraine. In a word, the Kiev junta manifests a full neo-Nazi consensus regarding the genocide of Russian citizens, who have been stripped of all human rights, including the right to life.

The Nazi semantic field generates the main tensions of the conflict and explains the use of violence in attempts to tackle it. Nazism always excuses violence against other ethnic groups, who are labeled as second-rate races and against whom any crime is declared permissible. This is precisely the path that the regime in Kiev has taken to foment hatred towards those people who disagree with the Ukrainian exclusiveness. In fact, to all Russians, because all other European and world ethnoses have never heard of a Ukrainian nation. In the other countries of the world all those born in the territory of the former USSR, including Ukrainians, are called Russians. In the meantime, the chiefs of the Kiev junta and the media on their payroll are emphasizing the superiority of Ukrainians over Russians in full conformity with the principles of Nazism. Russians are described as born slaves worthy of no other fate than ruthless exploitation in the interests of Ukrainians. Ethnic Russians residing in Ukraine have no option left other than taking up arms to defend themselves from the neo-Nazis.

International historical experience and Russia’s own experience provides convincing proof that Nazism can be resisted only by force. The Nazis understand no other language. This is not surprising: differentiation of human rights on account of race is incompatible with the rule of law. ...

It is noteworthy that none of today’s Nazism-leaning Ukrainian leaders is an ethnic Ukrainian. All of them are very far from Ukraine and from its cultural, historical and spiritual bonds. Possibly this is the reason why they lack the slightest moral self-restrictions and display such super-cruelty against their own people. They have been trying to assert themselves as Nazi fuehrers by involving their followers in mass murders of fellow citizens, turning the former into the country’s new elite, and the latter, into a dumb and obedient herd.

Complete story at - Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Sergey Glazyev on Ukrainian Nazism and the Reasons why the Empire Has Turned to Nazism

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