Friday, December 5, 2014

Ukrainians were promised a siege of Moscow if they pitch in 200 hryvnias for the Ukrainian army |

Half a billion hryvnias were collected for the Ukrainian army by volunteers within half a year, but this was too little, said Vitaly Deinega, head of the Come Back Alive volunteer initiative group, speaking to TVi

The volunteer estimated that at least 25 million Ukrainians could contribute 200 hryvnias each for the army’s needs.

The leader of the volunteer group excluded Opposition Bloc voters and the populations of Crimea and Donbas and thus arrived at the number 25 million. According to the Ukrainian statistics agency, the country’s population is over 42 million people.

"Well, if all those 25 million give 200 hryvnias each, then the separatists would be defending Moscow, not Donetsk. I think a person is not going to be poorer with a 10-15 percent lower salary. Throughout the centuries people would pay a similar contribution to churches, and the army is more vulnerable now than the church. Yet the people won’t pay. They give 1.5 percent and only because the government made them do it," Deinega said.

Complete story at - Ukrainians were promised a siege of Moscow if they pitch in 200 hryvnias for the Ukrainian army |

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