Friday, December 12, 2014

Suppression of Russian language and culture in Ukraine: Ukraine as Cleft Nation and Concept of "Clash of Civilizations" - Fort Russ

Seemingly unrealistic figures were recently cited by Gallup (Gallup, Inc). Gallup experts stated that for 83% of Ukrainians native language is Russian . They have achieved such a startling result using an elegant trick outsmarting "language gamblers" among the respondents to such polls, who answer what is politically correct. Respondents were asked to choose questionnaires printed both in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Then answer to the questions were ignored, and researchers counted just the number of responses in a particular language.

Using this methodology Gallup experts consider the native language not the one that the person states in any official questionnaire, but the one spoken in the family and used in case you need some mental effort like answering the questionnaire. In other words the language a person prefers to use in everyday life. BTW this study was funded by the U.S. government ;-).

Ukrainian paradox: citizens of Ukraine mostly officially specify Ukrainian as their mother tongue, and in everyday life, and informal situations predominantly use Russian.

Ukrainian propaganda explained this by "blaming Soviets" rather that the fact that a small area with population of less then 20% really uses Ukrainian as their native tongue language. The same situation happens with English and other "major" languages, which have strong "gravitational pull". Small languages like small planets lack gravitational pull and thus atmosphere...

Complete story at - Suppression of Russian language and culture in Ukraine: Ukraine as Cleft Nation and Concept of "Clash of Civilizations" - Fort Russ

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