Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Russian news: The Kiev Coup Was the Spark That Lit the Powder Keg. Now Ukraine Has Nothing - Russia Insider

Ukraine has been transformed dramatically since the latest ‘Maidan rising’ a year ago. Its domestic politics and geopolitical standing are hardly recognisable, its economy is on the brink of meltdown and insolvency.

The Original Sin

What follows is a short of review of what has happened in Ukraine since what should be correctly be described as the “Original Sin” – the forceful overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev on February 22 of this year. The violent coup with strong and obvious western backing that witnessed the fleeing of President Viktor Yanukovych shattered the country’s legal and constitutional order. This traumatic event continues to have a ripple effect impacting every sphere of life in Ukraine.

The Ukraine narrative offered by the West always stresses democracy first and foremost. And elections are a fetish to the desired result of democratic legitimacy. Ukraine has hardly earned high marks in the area, irrespective of U.S. State Department proclamations and denials of direct involvement in deciding political outcomes in the country.

The parliament that took control immediately after the coup was purged. Then it voted on important constitutional issues without a quorum and without the involvement of the Constitutional Court. All very illegal under Ukrainian law, but praised in the West. Thus, at the heart of the new powers-that-be who rule in Ukraine is legal illegitimacy.

The May 25 presidential election that saw Washington favourite Petro Poroshenko elected in the first round was conducted under conditions of violence, intimidation and civil war in the East of the country. The same can be said of the parliamentary elections in October. Nonetheless, the West gave the new government in Kiev the seal of approval. At the same time, elections held in Donbass – a clear example of self-determination – were called illegitimate. At this point we have competing narratives of legitimacy in Ukraine, something that points to an inevitable break-up or partition of the country.

Complete story at - Russian news: The Kiev Coup Was the Spark That Lit the Powder Keg. Now Ukraine Has Nothing - Russia Insider

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