Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kiev military plant director accused of stealing almost $1 million | Ukraina.ru

Ukraine’s General Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges against Acting Head of the Kiev Armor Plant Leonid Sholomitskiy for stealing $800,000, a press statement at the office’s website reads

According to the prosecution, the accused abused his power and colluded with accomplices and other unknown persons, the release says.

The accused seized state funds to the amount of 12 million hryvnias and transferred the money to the account of a fictitious company before withdrawing the sum. According to the prosecution, the money was allocated to produce armored personnel carriers.

"One of the accomplices of the accused is now wanted. The prosecution is making efforts to recover the financial losses suffered by the state and to identify everyone responsible," the press release says.

In August, the Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the alleged stealing of a T-72 battle tank by employees of the Kiev Armor Plant.

Complete story at - Kiev military plant director accused of stealing almost $1 million | Ukraina.ru

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