Monday, December 22, 2014

Kiev Forcing Death by Starvation or Relocation in Donbass | Ukraine's New Holodomor

NoBC4U Note: Novorossiya.  Remember them?  Yeah, they haven't been in the news a lot recently, have they?  Lately, it's been Russia, Sanctions, Ukraine, currency wars.  But that doesn't mean things in Novorossiya are returning to normal.  It will be a long, long time before any sense of normalcy returns to that region.

Can the murder of 3 million people go unnoticed by the entire world? Yes it can and unfortunately it has before. More than likely you have never even heard about it. By the end of 1941, the German and Ukrainian nazis had killed over 1 million Jews. This was the beginning of the Holocaust. We all know this.

By the end of 1941, the German and Ukrainian nazis killed 3 million Slavic and Soviet prisoners by using the method Ukrainian nationalists describe as Holomodor, or starvation death.

The Nazi Plan to Kill Slavic Peoples

The Nazi Plan for the East was first tried out on the Slavic and Soviet prisoners. This was their plan to destroy Slavic peoples which included central and southeast Ukraine. Prisoners suffered in cold and famine conditions so harsh they wrote petitions for the nazis to be merciful and just kill them.

According to Professor Timothy Snyder, In the German POW camps in occupied Soviet Belarus, Soviet Ukraine and Poland, prisoners were not even registered by name. As the German quartermaster general of the German army indicated, prisoners who could not work "were to be starved".

In Ukraine and Belarus, Bandera's Ukrainian SS nationalists ran the camps and starved millions of Ukrainians, Russians, and Belorussians to death. The world never even blinked.

It was wrong for the Ukrainian nationalists in the diaspora to create the myth of the 1932-33 Holomodor famine that their own families never suffered through to make it the centerpiece of Ukraine's nation-building program under Yushchenko; especially after Ukrainian nationalists used it as a tactic so effectively in 1941 against Ukrainians; starving three million prisoners to death.

This makes the idea that Ukrainian nationalists in Kiev would use this weapon again on the families of the same population criminal. It has been clearly proven that the nationalists were not in the Soviet Union in 1931-32. It has been clearly proven that the Ukrainian nationalists in service to the 3rd Reich used starvation as part of their genocide program in Ukraine and Belarus in 1941.The population that suffered under both famines were the families in central Ukraine and Donbass today.

Complete story at - Article: Kiev Forcing Death by Starvation or Relocation in Donbass | OpEdNews

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