Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Death is roaming Ukraine" |

LIVA magazine publishes a German reader’s letter written under her impressions of the news and reports of the civil war in Ukraine

Ukraine, where death has settled down, is quite close to us. Death gained a firm foothold there: machine guns are firing and bombs are falling, tanks are driving around and cannons are shelling.

Death lives there, people are bleeding there and get crippled. They are killed by shrapnel, they die in the streets, burn inside buses and cars. At the bus stops, on a football pitch, under debris of destroyed houses – death awaits them everywhere.

Death is following you, stalking you – you have to constantly hide behind walls, in the bunkers and cellars. Death has set his foothold here – here in Ukraine – the black demon of death is in the air. He stares at you ever and ever again – at night and in the daytime. It makes no difference – whether workers go to work or schoolchildren go to school. He does not care. He comes for you – he is looking for you every day. He doesn’t care if you want to see him or not, if you feel it or not. It makes no difference to him.

He doesn’t care about your age. He doesn’t care what you are doing now. He doesn’t care about your wishes.

He is always near here – he is waiting for you while the shells explode around. You do not know where, when and how he is going to grasp you.

You are given to him for slaughter.

Death is ruthless, merciless and cold-blooded. Blood is freezing in the veins – here children and adults scream of pain and fear.

The terror is overwhelming their hearts.

Complete story at - "Death is roaming Ukraine" |

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