Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fort Russ: Kolomoisky declares war on Poroshenko

Blogger/Media Expert Anatoly Sharij

Igor Valerevich Kolomoisky is in a difficult situation. And Petro Poroshenko, whose surrounding frankly missed the swelling abscess in the form of a powerful opposition, is already faced with a blatant mud-slinging through incessant leaks in oligarch-controlled media.

About the effectiveness of such leaks, no matter how immoral and ridiculous, ask Oleg Lyashko, who lost a huge percentage of potential voters in a targeted bombardment from Channel 1+1.

It becomes quite obvious that as a result of negotiations around the coalition, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, no doubt - a henchman of Igor Valerievich, will not receive positions expected by Kolomoisky.

This situation is clearly not acceptable to the sponsor of Arseniy Petrovych and "Popular Front."

Privat Group, which is actually in bankruptcy, is not receiving refinancing of Privat Bank from the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine), as it was done during the time of Cubiv, when already lost property was used as a collateral, have not been able to adequately profit from the war, lost assets in Crimea and the East, and has no options for maneuver.

It has to strike. And the target is the President, who controls NBU (through Gontareva), which is a barrier to the implementation of lobbying decisions in favor of Privat. If the Cabinet will not belong to Kolomoisky, the oligarch will lose.

Complete story at - Fort Russ: Kolomoisky declares war on Poroshenko

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