Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bundestag MP: Merkel is playing with fire at Washington’s behest |

At a Bundestag meeting, Deputy Head of the Left Party’s faction Sahra Wagenknecht sharply criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy toward Russia

The MP accused the Chancellor of following instructions from Washington and neglecting national interests.

"Ms. Merkel, there is something that you consider to be more important than the interests of German business: that is the interests of the American government and American business," the MP said.

According to Sahra Wagenknecht, Angela Merkel is responsible for drawing the country into a new edition of "cold war" with Russia. Moreover, she is outraged at Merkel’s cooperation with the Ukrainian regime, in which the police and security service functions are performed by people who are reliably attested as Nazis.

"Instead of dealing with these thugs, we need a foreign policy, for which the security and peace in Europe can be more important than Washington’s instructions. Get back on the path of diplomacy, and cancel the sanctions. Stop playing with fire!" she said.

According to Wagenknecht, Angela Merkel has forsaken the policy of détente and led Europe into a new cold war, because, according to the MP, the Chancellor does not have enough courage to confront the US government.

Complete story at - Bundestag MP: Merkel is playing with fire at Washington’s behest |

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