Thursday, December 18, 2014

American economist: Ukraine failed to establish itself |

Timofiy Mylovanov, an American economist of Ukrainian origin, said this in an interview with Kraina

Mylovanov believes that the country is failing to give attention to key issues and is not discussing reform in a meaningful manner.

"We discuss Donbas, and whether they like us there. But these are not the fundamental issues that Ukraine is facing. It’s not at all essential if we don’t know what kind of reform to pursue and how to exit the present condition. The former regime is partly to blame here. But all in all, this is the result of our country’s policies for 23 years. The country has failed to establish itself. It has failed to reimagine itself," the expert said.

Ukrainian historian and journalist Danilo Yanevskiy shares Mylovanov’s opinion. He believes that the Ukrainian crisis has spiraled out of control and nothing can be done to help it now.

"When a lynching begins, it cannot be stopped. The sooner they bury this state, the better. There is no stabilizing the political system. It has failed on all levels – in technology, the economy and philosophically,"- Yanevskiy said.

Complete story at - American economist: Ukraine failed to establish itself |

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