Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Press Digest: Elections in Ukraine marred by poor turnout and violations | Russia Beyond The Headlines

NoBC4U Note: This is about the Ukraine elections of Oct 26, not the recent Novorossiya elections...


The Kommersant daily reminds its readers that some 4.6 million voters were unable to take part in the Ukrainian parliamentary election because not all districts in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions were able to organize voting.

Experts polled by the paper predict that, with less representation of the southeast of the country, the new Ukrainian parliament will not be able to form a system of checks and balances. Kiev-based political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky told Kommersant that due to the ‘antiterrorist’ operation and the loss of Crimea, the Rada will get more right-wing radicals and Maidan representatives.

The paper points out that sociologists’ forecasts of a low turnout proved to be true. Kiev-based pundit Dmitry Dzhangirov attributes this to people’s disappointment with the new authorities, which have proved unable to end the war in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. “People no longer believe that their votes can decide the country’s destiny,” he said.

For his part, Ukrainian spin doctor Viktor Ukolov told Kommersant it is important that one-third of the new Rada will be made up of Maidan activists, battalion commanders and civil activists, who have no experience of working in government structures. Ukolov is convinced that this is a good thing, since the new MPs will force the authorities to listen to the people. However, it could result in a large number of conflicts between various forces inside the parliament.

Complete story at - Press Digest: Elections in Ukraine marred by poor turnout and violations | Russia Beyond The Headlines

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