Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On Putin's Valdai speech: The logjam in world diplomacy — RT Op-Edge

President Putin expressed frustration at the global status quo from the Valdai Conference. Western politicians may find it painful to appreciate that the Russian president was accurate in many assessments.

Former French PM Dominique de Villepin expressed a ‘mot juste’: the spiral of mistrust needs to be reversed. The trouble is once I introduce the name of the next speaker at the Valdai conference, a significant chunk of the trolling classes will immediately head for the comments section to resume the war of words, doubtless suggesting the Russian political class advocates eating babies or some other ludicrous notion.

Mentioning ‘Vladimir Putin’ and ‘constructive comment’ in the same sentence is more than stubbornly closed-minded elements of the Western media can comprehend. A dismal Cold War spirit has been re-engaged from various points west despite a very post-Communist spirit being apparent within seconds of landing on Russian soil.

We have a logjam in world diplomacy. The single superpower of the past 20 years is demonstrating monopolistic follies tinged with delusion, ringed with incompetence. Thus US intelligence agencies missed the rise of ISIS until they reached the cusp of conquering an area somewhere between the size of Belgium and South Korea… For those worried about big government inefficiency, it is difficult to endorse American intelligence agencies as delivering value for taxpayers.

Thus Putin expounded a rather telling argument: the American-centric superpower era has created troubling consequences - and a remarkable power vacuum! Militant terrorists rampaging in Canada clearly implies total failure to make the world a safer place.

Complete story at - On Putin's Valdai speech: The logjam in world diplomacy — RT Op-Edge

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