Monday, November 17, 2014

Fort Russ: Right Sector deputy wants to execute deputies and ministers at a stadium

The soldiers of the Ukrainian battalions fighting in Donbass regard the behavior of politicians in Kiev as a betrayal and are ready for mass shootings. This was announced on air on TV channel Inter by the newly elected Verkhovna Rada deputy Borislav Bereza from the Right Sector, reported 'Politnavigator'. For the place of future executions he picked a stadium, apparently as analogy with Pinochet's practice.

According to Bereza, today Ukraine cannot count on the help of the EU and the US with the crisis in Donbass and reforms. "We are aliens on this celebration of life," - said Bereza. He said that a scenario of the return of Ukrainian soldiers to Kiev and restoring order with the forces of the army becomes more and more realistic.

"Soldiers returning from the zone of the ATO , who did not put down their weapons, together with the miners, will come on Friday, during the session of the Parliament with the members of the government, and will chase the deputies and the ministers down Grushevskogo street to Lobanovsky stadium for execution", - said the spokesperson of the Right Sector.

Complete story at - Fort Russ: Right Sector deputy wants to execute deputies and ministers at a stadium

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