Saturday, October 18, 2014

West Beats Retreat in Ukraine? | DeepResource

That’s at least the conclusion of Indian diplomat M.K. Bhadrakumar. And he has some arguments to back that opinion up. Bhadrakumar says that the West is not ready to fully support the Ukraine and that it has opted to leave the Ukraine at least partially in the Russian sphere of influence and that the West has bigger fish to fry than annoying Russia: protect its gas station called the Middle East and prevent it from being taken over by ISIS. Putin in the eyes of Bhadrakumar has scored yet another victory. The US has enough of its Ukrainian play thingy and leaves it to Europe to clean up the mess.

West beats retreat in Ukraine

Obama is a smart politician who can make a retreat appear a victory. He’s done it in Afghanistan. Is he doing it in Ukraine? Consider the following. Obama who poured scorn at the Minsk dialogue has now become its votary.

He is also advocating that Ukraine should have “good relations with all of its neighbors, both east and west,” and he recommends that Ukraine should continue its strong economic links and people-to-people relations with Russia…

Are we seeing the signs of Obama all but counseling Poroshenko to sort out issues directly with Moscow? It seems so…

And, as for economic assistance, White House agreed to give the princely amount of $50 million to help Poroshenko see through the year 2015. It’s rather tragi-comic, coming at a time when according to the IMF, UKraine needs around $19 billion next year, if the civil war continues…

the IMF has revised its own estimate six months earlier and now says a staggering bailout of $55 billion is needed as external financing for Ukraine. Experts forecast that this figure could eventually turn out to be somewhere closer to $100 billion than $55 billion…

It’s a macabre joke — handing out a measly amount of $50 million after egging on Ukraine to go to war with Russia…

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