Monday, October 6, 2014

The Week in Food Sanctions: Emergency Aid for EU Farmers as Russia Clamps Down on Smugglers - Russia Insider

The EU-Russian food sanctions duel - summed up nicely by disgruntled French farmers burning down their local tax office - continues to heat up. Here's your weekly food sanctions round-up:
Russian Food Import Ban to Hurt 9.5 Million European Farmers: "Russia's restrictions on food imports from the European Union can potentially hurt some 9.5 million European farmers, according to the estimates by the European Parliament." (RIA Novosti)

Young EU Farmers Struggle as Russian Sanctions Bite: "'These political decisions have nothing to do with simple citizens,' Lambertini told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview at his farm north of Rome. 'We farmers are the ones paying for this situation.'" (Reuters)

EU Steps Up Emergency Farmers' Aid as Sanctions Stay in Place: "The EU released a new emergency aid package totalling €165m (£128m, $208m) on Tuesday 30 September, to be distributed among producers of fruit and vegetables who have had their profits hit as a result of a Russian ban on the import of fresh food from Europe." (International Business Times)
Complete story at - The Week in Food Sanctions: Emergency Aid for EU Farmers as Russia Clamps Down on Smugglers - Russia Insider

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