Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Syria: Washington has Crossed the Red Line | New Eastern Outlook

At the recent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) led by President Obama its members have unanimously adopted a resolution to stem the flow of foreigners into the ranks of extremist organizations such as the Islamic State. On Wednesday, September 24, all the fifteen Security Council members voted unanimously to bind the UN Member States to adopt laws under which their citizens won’t be able to fight under the banners of Islamist groups or recruit other citizens to do so, unless they are willing to go to jail.

Perhaps some people could marvel at Obama’s selfless effort to lead the fight against the new monster. But those better informed in today’s international politics, especially those introduced to Wahington’s cunning plans will ask a simple question: Where did all these organizations, Al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and now Khorasan Group come from, how could they possibly reach such strength that now the international community must face them? The track record of Al Qaeda is carefully documented and well known, its leadership, that was headed by now dead Osama bin Laden, is handsomely paid by the CIA at the expense of US taxpayers. The rest of the above mentioned terrorist groups are funded with the money provided by the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf. They have been created on Syrian soil by the West in order to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Bashar al-Assad. None other than the US president issued the order to train and arm them. There is no need to prove anything since the actions of the United States have been carefully documented. Barack Obama himself admitted that in recent years some 15 thousand foreign fighters have been brought to Syria from more than 80 countries!

Along with these actions, Barack Obama in the spirit of the Nobel Peace Laureate created another so-called coalition to launch air strikes in Syria and Iraq. This fact should be empathized, the coalition was not created to bring peace to this highly trouble-prone region, but for carrying out military actions, to further inflate the fire. Hence the Middle East will witness even more deaths and suffering. A peculiar fact of this “pro-peace” coalition are its members: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain. There’s a saying in all languages ​​- “Tell me who are your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. This saying exemplifies the case. The so-called American Democrats are friends with the kings of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Jordan, with the emir of Qatar and the UAE sheiks, it seems that the US president wouldn’t mind being named a king as well.

And now the aircraft of this “peaceful” coalition carries out strikes in Syria, without even obtaining consent of Damascus. Americans have already launched more than 40 Tomahawk missiles. What is the result? At least 14 militants (is there a proof?) and five civilians were killed in air strikes the United States and its allies carried out against the positions of the Islamic State in northeastern Syria on the night of September 25. As you may notice, nobody cares for civilian lives, since nobody will submit a complaint to the International Court of Justice, so there’s no need to offer apologies, no need to pay compensation to the families of the deceased. This logic is rather simple – Syrians were killed and they were second-class human beings, why should US Democrats care?
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