Friday, October 17, 2014

Russian news: Will History Rhyme? Ukraine as Rwanda - Russia Insider

A country fears and resents a neighbor who has historically dominated it. Venting historical grievances, it mistreats its ethnic minority, which constitutes the majority of the neighbor’s population.

This neighbor sends an army across the border to protect its own ethnic group. In response, the invaded country launches a propaganda campaign, charging centuries of exploitation and abuse. The young are easily rallied to the call, ready to emulate the country’s heroes who died resisting the historic enemy.

Dehumanization and demonization follow; it becomes common to refer to the hateful group as insects. And then, a plane explodes in the sky. Everyone on board is killed, and the country’s leaders leap at the chance to blame the hated minority.

In the ensuing lawlessness, road blocks appear where youth bands capture and interrogate anyone who passes by. Members of the hated minority are captured, tortured, and beaten to death. The country plunges into one of the most gruesome genocidal attacks known to mankind.

This is the story of Rwanda, but I might as well be talking about the Ukraine.

Complete story at - Russian news: Will History Rhyme? Ukraine as Rwanda - Russia Insider

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