Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let Yury Rubtsov - Fate of Ukraine According to General Plan Ost (I) - - Strategic Culture Foundation

On October 3 German Bild reported that Germany is mulling the deployment of 200 soldiers to the eastern part of Ukraine. The paratroopers from Seedorf, Lower Saxony, are to protect and assist monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE). Perhaps dissatisfied with the fact that the information had leaked before time, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defence confirmed the report. It should be noted that aside from military exercises this will be the first time German soldiers will be deployed in Ukraine since 1944 (!).

Some may believe that the fact is mentioned out of place. They may say that it were the troops of Hitler’s Germany that the Red Army pushed away from Ukraine, but now we’re talking about the military of a democratic state coming as peacekeepers. The denazification of Germany was a success and is a thing of the past now.

Taking into consideration the literally touching support of the Kiev regime by Merkel’s government, there is some ground for taking a different point of view. The Kiev regime has all the makings of a neo-Nazi state; the most vivid proof of the fact is the genocide against Russian and Russian-speaking population in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. According to international law, the Russian Federal Investigative Committee has opened a case to make an inquiry into the details of the alleged crime.

The investigators have made it precise that the Ukrainian regime used multiple launch rocket systems Grad and Uragan, air-to surface rockets with cluster warheads, tactical missiles Tochka-U and other offensive weapons. As a result, two and a half thousand men have lost their lives. Over 500 living houses, utilities objects, hospitals, schools and educational institutions have been destroyed. Over 300 thousand people have had to leave their homes and flee to the Russian Federation looking for a refuge.

Are they not aware of it in Berlin? Do they know what’s happening and believe there is nothing criminal taking place? Is it the reflection of instincts enrooted in the times of the Third Reich? Willy-nilly the articles published by the British New Statesman and Spanish El Pais come to mind. The authors compared Angela Merkel with Hitler. Perhaps the British and Spanish journalists went a bit far being too excited, but a question pops up – is there really a big difference between giving an order to commit an act of mass extermination and rendering political and financial aid to those who give such orders?

Complete story at - Let Yury Rubtsov - Fate of Ukraine According to General Plan Ost (I) - Strategic Culture Foundation - on-line journal

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