Friday, October 17, 2014

Der Spiegel: The Coming Financial Crash is Inevitable | DeepResource

The internet is full with Cassandras, announcing the end of the world as we know it and the fall of the dollar in particular. Our favorite site for instance is:

[] – USA Watchdog, Greg Hunter (former CNN)

But there are others, like zerohedge, whatreallyhappened or LewRockwell, to mention just a few of the more well known.

Now however, we have our favorite CIA outlet, the German magazine #1 der Spiegel, chiming in with the doomsayers and admit: the financial system is unsustainable and a crash is inevitable. Nothing is done to reduce the global debt of $150 trillion. According to der Spiegel is ‘growing out of debt’ no longer an option. The three biggest creditors: Japan ($3.2T), China ($2.1T) and Germany ($1.9T). Largest debtor: USA ($5.7T). Der Spiegel predicts that the crash of 2008 was merely a small sign of things to come; the next crisis will be bigger. Der Spiegel finishes its article by adding gloomily: “you can’t say you have not been warned”.


Editor: ‘the system’ is preparing us for what is inevitable, The Big Reset. Don’t assume that your pension is certain, it is not.

Complete story at - Der Spiegel: The Coming Financial Crash is Inevitable | DeepResource

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Like this. Only much worse.

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