Monday, October 20, 2014

Alexander Mercouris: Deadlock and Gas Talks in Milan

by Alexander Mercouris

Deadlock in Milan

News from the Milan summit is still trickling through but it is clear that there has been no breakthrough and the Ukrainian crisis remains deadlocked. Poroshenko said that the “parameters” of a gas agreement have been agreed but it seems that nothing of the sort has happened.

The most fatuous comment of the day has come from van Rompuy, who called it “progress” because Putin is supposed to have said that he does not want a frozen conflict in Ukraine or for eastern Ukraine to become another Transdniestria. To see the absurdity of that comment just try to imagine Putin solemnly telling the Europeans the opposite: that he does want a frozen conflict in Ukraine and that he does want eastern Ukraine to become another Transdniestria!

Not for the first time Putin comes over as a man surrounded by dwarfs.

As I understand it the idea of a breakfast meeting between Putin and European leaders came from Merkel. With the German and European economies tanking in part because of the very sanctions policy she has imposed, Merkel needs this crisis to end. At the same time she remains utterly unwilling to take on the US and its European allies or the Atlanticists within Germany. She therefore looks to Putin to extricate her from the mess she has got herself into. However because she is not prepared to face up to the US and its allies or the Atlanticists she wants Putin to get her out of trouble by capitulating to all their demands. She tries to do this by applying “pressure” on Putin (that was what today’s breakfast meeting was all about) and then looks sullenly angry and baffled when it doesn’t work.

Complete story at - Alexander Mercouris: Deadlock and Gas Talks in Milan

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