Monday, September 15, 2014

Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: US Does Have a Strategy: It Is a Combination of MAD, Samson's Option, and Pottery Barn Rule

Obama or rather people metaphorically behind his back, which, in practice, ought to be in the front, have greatly improved on Colin Powell's infamous Pottery Barn Rule, which was applied to Iraq and it worked there only half-way: the country was and is being continuously destroyed as a result, but the US did not not only failed in owning it, but the US also rejects any responsibility, not mention any guilt, for doing so. Instead, a good portion of the destruction and "owning" has been outsourced to al Qaeda of Iraq morhed into ISIS and al Nusra and then into IS or Islamic State/Petro State/Empirate/Caliphate whose key commanders are Chechens trained by Western special forces and paid by the Saudis and the Qataris.

The supposed "Pottery Barn rule"--"you break it, you buy it"--is American jargon, which describes a notable deviation from and innovation on consumerist culture, in which the consumer or customer is or was "always right." "Pottery Barn rule," which is actually not a rule of Pottery Barn is a threat and policy sometimes used by various smaller retailers who dare to assign the damage and responsibility to their consumers.

Consumption in its original sense did mean destruction, and if the consumers are to be masters of the universe, destruction, i.e., consumption, was to be their royal privilege, and that's why, as a former East European, one of the first astonishing discoveries in North America was to find in North America a place where even damaged goods were taken back by stores "without any question asked." U.S. foreign policy of THE by far greatest consumer and customer in the world was supposed to work much in the same way and often it did and sometimes still does.

In reality though, Pottery Barn, the upscale home furnishing store—does not have a "you break it, you bought it" policy. Instead, like other US retailers dependent on consumerist culture for their survival and profits, Pottery Barn too writes off broken merchandise as a loss thanks to the convenient tax policies of Uncle Sam, who approves.

"In reality," as the wikipedia entry on Pottery Barn explains, "many U.S. states have statutes forbidding policies," which would "suggest [that] if your organization inadvertently creates a problem, the organization is [also] obligated to correct it." In other words, to correct problems, which you yourself have created is not how things are supposed to work according to the statues of the Empire, that is, if you are an important organization or corporation. Or a sufficiently important consumer. Fixing or correcting problems which consumers or corporations or the US government make has not been high on the priority list. It also contradicts the basic articles of exceptionalism.

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