Friday, September 19, 2014

Press releases and reports - Electoral moods in Ukraine: Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

From August 23 to September 2, 2014 Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted by customer order nationwide opinion poll. By personal interview 2040 respondents living in 110 settlements all over Ukraine (except Crimea and Luhansk region) random sample of quota selection at the last stage, representative of the population of Ukraine aged 18 years.

In Lugansk region through military action was not possible to conduct the survey. Interviews, which were conducted in the Luhansk region were held in Donetsk region.

Statistical sampling error (with probability 0.95, design effect 1.5) does not exceed: 3.3% for figures close to 50%, 2.8% - figures close to 25%, 2.0% - figures close to 10% 1.4% - figures close to 5%.

If elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took place in late August, with all citizens of Ukraine aged 18 -

21.5% would vote for the Bloc P. Poroshenko (Yuri Lutsenko, V. Klitschko, A. Bohomolets)
7.6% - for the Radical Party O. Lyashko,
5.6% - for the party "Citizenship" (A. Gritsenko)
4.5% - for the party "Strong Ukraine" (Tigipko)
3.7% - for the party "Patriots of Ukraine" (A.Yatsenyuk, O. Turchynov)
3.5% - with the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" (Tymoshenko)
2.7% - for the Communist Party of Ukraine (AP Symonenko)
2.5% - with the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (O. Tiagnybok)
2.2% - the Party of Regions (Oleg Efremov)
1.7% - for the party "union" (Alexander Garden)
1.0% - for the party "Right sector" (D. Jarosz)
by other parties - just 1.3%
2.3% - have deleted all parties would have destroyed newsletter
14.9% - chose not to vote,
24.9% - have not decided for whom to vote.

Complete story at - Press releases and reports - Electoral moods in Ukraine: Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

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