Thursday, September 4, 2014

NATO’s 20-Year Campaign To Find An Enemy And Weapons Market For The Military-Industrial Complex | David Stockman's Contra Corner

By Raúl Ilargi Meijer at The Automatic Earth

As the first subglacial eruption has been registered in the Barbardunga volcano, and there are earthquakes in the region about every minute, a German magazine reports that Berlin (or, actually, even Bonn) has been spying on NATO partners like Turkey for decades. Which is funny, because I was just wondering – with a degree of suspicion – where and how Merkel gets her information.

She’s in Kiev calling for a ceasefire – which at least is a step up from what Washington is doing -, but says that first the border between Ukraine and Russia needs to be sealed off so no more support for the rebels can be smuggled in. See, I’m getting the idea that perhaps Angela relies for these kinds of claims on information she gets from NATO, who in turn get it from Kiev. Which has proven to be the most unreliable source of information in a long time.

On Tuesday, presidents Putin and Poroshenko, and some EU leaders, will meet in Minsk, Belarus, for discussions on the ceasefire. It’s starting to look like “our” side is going into the talks with so many demands, and of such obviously impossible nature for Putin, that they will kill any serious discussion before it’s even started.

Over the past few days, NATO has claimed that the Russian aid convoy, which returned home on Saturday without any incidents, was a Trojan horse, “a disguised attempt to reinforce separatist forces”. And that the Russians are shelling the Ukraine army both cross-border and from within Ukraine. And that there are huge troop concentrations and movements happening at the Russian side of the border. And that Russia is delivering weapons and mercenaries into Ukraine. These are all things that Ukraine claimed first, and NATO simply repeated. And, you know what’s coming next, for none of it has one single piece of evidence been presented. Something we’ve long since ceased to expect from Kiev.

But NATO itself has the technology, the ability to find and present evidence. And the obligation to us, the people who pay for its entire apparatus, do so prior to making any claims. So why does it simply parrot Kiev claims, and in very aggressive language to boot, instead of finding its own truths, and present us with proof? I’m guessing it’s a combination of the proof simply not being there, and the same hubris that’s prevalent in Washington.

The Ukraine army claimed yesterday that the returning aid convoy trucks had taken ‘equipment from a factory in Luhansk that makes firearm magazines and a Topaz plant that produces radars’. And taken it back with them to Russia. They gave no reason why this would have been done, nor, once again, any proof that it happened at all. Inspections of the trucks as they crossed back over the border showed nothing.

Complete story at - NATO’s 20-Year Campaign To Find An Enemy And Weapons Market For The Military-Industrial Complex | David Stockman's Contra Corner

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