Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Uneasy Ukrainian Ambassador Questioned by Malaysians | DeepResource

It looks like Malaysia still has an independent press that dares to ask critical questions, unlike the coward Western media, that all sing to the tune of Washington. Here is the Ukrainian ambassador to Malaysia whose body language expresses a state of insecurity and uneasiness. Oh, and mister ambassador, if there is no proof that the Ukrainian secret service seized the recordings, why don’t you just produce them? Or are you afraid that once the Western liars produce a tape with the last minutes stripped, that Russia will produce the same recordings, including the last minutes, where the pilot announces he has been attacked by a plane and returns to Donetsk for an emergency landing? Pay attention to the response of the ambassador to the remark, starting at 1:07 by the interviewer, that Malaysian authorities want to raise a formal request for the recordings of pilot-ATC conversations: his mumbled answer gets inaudible when he finishes around 1:45.

Note that the Western media and governments have gone completely silent about mh17. Nobody talks about an investigations anymore, because meanwhile they all know the truth, namely that Kiev downed the plane. The embarrassment is total and the West is cornered. Covering it up, like with 9/11, is the only remaining strategy. Deafening silence is what we will hear from now on.

Complete story at - Uneasy Ukrainian Ambassador Questioned by Malaysians | DeepResource

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