Monday, August 4, 2014

Ukraine TV cuts live interview after HRW rep refuses to admit ‘Russian aggression’ — RT News

A live interview with an HRW representative on Ukraine's Hromadske TV came to an unexpected close when the host terminated the conversation after the guest refused to validate claims of Russia's alleged “indisputable war crimes.”

Hromadske TV journalist Danilo Janevsky abruptly cut off a live interview with Tatiana Lokshina, a representative of Human Rights Watch (HRW) after she refused to provide what she called a “political assessment” on the situation in eastern Ukraine.

HRW is tasked with the objective reporting of human rights violations as set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These impartial reports do not produce a political verdict; rather, they are used as the basis for drawing international attention to abuses.

The interview – which began on a predetermined note to blame Moscow for the internal armed struggle in Ukraine – ended with the sudden, uncommon practice of cutting the guest off live on-air. It happened just as Lokshina was about to provide an impartial assessment of the abuses in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

“How does [the HRW] estimate rocket, heavy artillery and air attacks on the territory of the bordering sovereign state? Does it constitute a war crime, from your point of view? Yes or no?” Janevsky asked his program's guest.

Lokshina tried to explain that Human Rights Watch does not comment on matters of political responsibility.

Just as she began to say “If you want to hear what we have found...,” the conversation was abruptly cut off by Janevsky. “Thank you very much, our conversation is over,” he said.

That was Janevsky's last attempt to force the HRW representative to lay the blame on Russia during the course of the interview – but the journalist relied on a clearly anti-Russian rhetoric from the very beginning.

Complete story at - Ukraine TV cuts live interview after HRW rep refuses to admit ‘Russian aggression’ — RT News

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