Friday, August 1, 2014

Report from Ukraine: Beware of mobilization!

Today I felt the difference between the third wave of mobilization, and the previous two. Everyone is calling, people are getting notices. While visiting a friends office in Kiev, who has about 50 employees, guys and girls, one pale employee brought an army summons, a second for this office, first already taken away. Next, I want to share, what I was told by my friends on the phone.
Zaporozhye. During a soccer game, a stadium got surrounded, rounded up a required number of young guys.

Odessa. At a factory (name not specified) in the morning, recruiters refined their lists through the human resources department, and caught their “recruits” right at the entrance.

Mariupol. As a rule, they “fish” for recruits at supermarkets (such as “Obzhora”). In all cases, they are not allowed to go back home. No medical checks, no paperwork. So I advise everyone to avoid mass gatherings of people.
Journalists have shown the speaker Turchinov’s son getting a notice, the one who unleashed this war in April. I don’t know that this is a PR stunt, revenge of the political opponents, a mix-up, but in any case I’m sure there wan’t be any “majors” on the front lines. Statement from the Regional Military Commissioner from Nickolaev, A Ivanov:
In connection with the participation of 79th airmobile brigade in the Anti-Terrorist Operation, it suffered severe under-staffing of military units, so the third wave of the mobilization will be tough.
Translation: brigade is wiped out, residents are horrified, so to grab a new batch of cannon fodder is possible only by means of repressive measures and mass roundups. Even the head of regional council Kremin got a notice. What to do – everyone knows. Still at large, the choice is clear. The choices will narrow dramatically on the front lines. And lastly, in Decree #607 of Jul 21 Poroshenko made cosmetic changes in labour legislation (supposedly to save jobs of enlisted for a year), which nobody will follow. But the most important thing, Poroshenko did not want to allow conscripts help with bank loans, if they lose a job. Die, but pay your debt!

Complete story at - Niqnaq

Ukraine Mobilization

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  1. As always....they obey in the end. I realize I write this from a chair somewhere safe but....lots of
    you and not many of "them". Is just marching to ones death the human default now.... YOU are
    being sent to your death.....DO something.....


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