Saturday, August 2, 2014

Propaganda ministers, all of them: Our pathetic, spoon-fed media pushes half-truths, again -

I would like to meet Anastasia Lukina. No, not because of the elegant name. I have two better reasons.

Lukina is described as a 30-year-old sales manager in Moscow. In Tuesday’s editions, a New York Times correspondent, Neil MacFarquhar, quoted her as saying this regarding responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Flight MH-17 over Ukrainian territory last week:

“So the West says it wants a full investigation, but they’ve already accused us of killing those people? We all know what the conclusion to that investigation will be. So why even bother pretending? Russia is the world’s scapegoat.”

Sure, I am always good for a drink with a plain speaker, no matter the stripe.

The other reason to meet Anastasia Lukina is more straightforward. I would like her to know that we Americans are not all mendacious xenophobes with lynch-mob prejudices and a hankering for frontier justice.

For once, Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to say something wise as he got the official line out on the Sunday talk shows. MH-17 lying in a Ukrainian wheat field produces “a moment of truth,” he said. He went on to punt it, per usual, by adding “for Russia.” This is a moment of truth for all of us — for Russia, yes, but maybe even more for Americans and the ever less promising new government in Kiev.

MH-17 went down Thursday afternoon, local time. It took less than a day for Washington, by way of the military and intelligence officials who customarily spoon-feed the media, to begin the innuendo intended to “corral public opinion” (Zbigniew Brzezinski’s unforgettable phrase) toward a nice, plump case for Russian guilt. A day later we had the conviction by way of “a series of indicators of Russian involvement,” in Times terminology.

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