Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ukraine: Some call us rebels, some terrorists , some separatists - are we?

Right now, the world media is focused on the awful crash of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Ukraine that caused the death of 298 innocent people on board flight MH17 last week.

I am a freelance reporter for eTN and also an attorney in Ukraine. I would like to introduce readers to ordinary citizens, many of them are actually called rebels, terrorists or separatists. They actually are just regular people like you and me who lived a peaceful live in my beautiful home region of the Ukraine. They are my friends, they are my colleagues, they are family people, people who love to party and have fun, go to the movies, enjoy food and company.

Some don't really care about politics. They don't mind living in a country ruled by Ukraine, or ruled by Russia. BUT they are scared. They are scared because the government they never had a fair chance to vote for in far away Kiev has a lot interest in the wealth of our region, but has absolutely no interest in us, the people.

This right wing government has the support of the entire Western world. We love the west. We would be honored to be part of the European Union- we also love Russia.

Many of my friends speak about concentration camps for us after our own government in Kiev started bombing our neighborhoods, our schools and killed our families like cockroaches.

Ironically most of us still have good friends in all parts of our Ukraine - just the government is trying to tell us who we should like or hate.

I am from Luhansk in the Russian part of Eastern Ukraine. Actually now some call it Luhansk People’s Republic.

The situation in Eastern Ukraine, especially in Luhansk, is not easy. On Friday, July 18, in my home town, there were broken windows, destroyed homes, shell fragments, blood, and body parts on the pavement. About 64 civilians have been killed and more than 215 injured. Forty-six big apartment buildings have been destroyed, plus 195 homes. In addition, 3 schools, 12 kindergartens, the Central bus station, 5 factories, and 18 shops are all closed. In total, 60% of all stores and food markets are closed.

I would like to relate to eTN readers how some of my friends, regular residents of Luhansk, feel and how they describe life in a city under siege.

NoBC4U Note: The following people tell their stories at the link below. Link contains some graphic images...

Olga, 56 years old

Anna, 32 years old

Yevgeniy, 36 years old

Sergey, 29 years old, separatist

Yulia, 21 years old, separatist

Andrey, 42 years old, separatist

Igor, 36 years old, separatist

Complete story at - Ukraine: Some call us rebels, some terrorists , some separatists - are we?

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