Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obama’s Asia Pivot: The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism | New Eastern Outlook

This week the earth moved under our feet… permanently. In past articles, I have used the term “America putting nails in its own coffin”, and a few more nails were added during the Russia-China summit this week.

The incompetence of the West in pursuing a military intimidation solution to their declining financial fortunes just backfired on them. The West’s proxy-murder of 150,000 Syrians using divisions of terrorist brigades, and the current attempt to nail Ukraine to a fence post has pushed the Russia-China strategic defense evolution up ten years ahead of schedule. The West is now in a no-win situation, due to the stupidity of its collective leadership.

Asia’s emergence has not happened overnight, but through various stages, which included China’s funding much of America’s annual deficit, to now funding none. We went through the stage of competing with European and Japanese companies to cash in on the huge economic growth of China. We had little concern for the long term consequences, such as, China becoming the largest economic power, or what changes would obviously be coming from that. As was immortalized in the movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, … ”They’re here!”

Color me negative, but I look back and see nothing but a trail of horrors regarding Western leadership during this two-decade, East-West geopolitical dance. Short-term greed ruled in the West. The trend toward off-shoring began, where those who jumped in early not only gained higher profit margins, but did not have to pay taxes on the overseas income if it was never repatriated.

But this gain for some was a loss for others as America’s rust belt grew when one-industry towns began their decay into ghost towns. Detroit is our shining example of government and business teaming up to destroy the heartland of America while chasing a neo-colonial mirage overseas.

Fast forward to today where most of our industrial base is gone… forever, with all those solid good-paying middle class jobs so many of our parents had. But that was covered over with the PR scam of early American exceptionalism, that we were trending over to a “service economy”. Remember that phrase?

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