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Ukraine. Revelations on the Krasnoarmeysk killing - Paris Match

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Ukraine. Revelations on the Krasnoarmeysk killing - Paris Match

Members of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist group Pravy Sektor took part in a commando-style raid against the Donbass referendum last Sunday, killing two unarmed civilians in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, an investigation by Paris Match has found.

Rumours had spread among separatists for several weeks about radical Pravy Sektor (or « Right Sector ») militants hiding amid government forces loyal to Kiev to perpetrate actions targeting pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine. Though a small political force, Pravy Sektor played a significant part in the street fights the lead to the downfall of former president Viktor Yanukovitch during the Maidan Revolution in Kiev last February. Formed as an alliance of tiny far-right groups, the movement is described as « fascist » by the pro-Russian populations of eastern Ukraine, which regularly accuse its militants of stirring trouble by any means. These accusations have been constantly repeated by numerous Russian media close to the Kremlin, and have become an important part of the ferocious disinformation war currently playing out in Ukraine. But they had, till now, essentially not been substantiated, to the point of being poked at as a farce on twitter and the Internet.

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Andrey Denisenko, one of the leaders of the nationalist group Pravy Sektor, seen hear entrenched in the town hall at Krasnoarmeysk on Sunday, may 11, talking to the crowd who wants to get in to take part in the referendum. To the side, the same, photographed on March 22, 2014 in kiev, during a press conference given by Pravy Sektor. The group’s banner can be seen in the background : red and black with a trident.  -  © DR/PARIS MATCH

The rumour, however, has been in part verified by a series of pictures taken by Paris Match photographers. These images show Andrey Denisenko, one of the Pravy Sektor chiefs, among a group of mysterious gunmen that attacked a voting station Sunday in the small town of Krasnoarmeysk, some 60 kilometres from the separatist « capital », Donetsk. After occupying the local town hall for several hours, the militiamen shot down point blank one local civilian, and killed two other unarmed protesters.

Complete story at - Ukraine. Revelations on the Krasnoarmeysk killing - Paris Match

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