Saturday, May 10, 2014

Odessa: Ukraine’s Waco by Justin Raimondo --

The murder of at least 38 people in the city of Odessa in the midst of Kiev’s "anti-terrorist" offensive last Friday revealed the true face of the fascist regime that has seized power in Kiev – and the Western media is doing everything it can to cover up the truth.

Most "mainstream" accounts of what happened there are filled with ambiguity: it’s "not clear" who’s responsible, they say. Everybody was supposedly throwing Molotov cocktails and so who’s to say who started which conflagration? And yet the truth is getting out there. The Washington Post reported on Saturday that "police said at least 31 people were dead after pro-Kiev demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails into a building where a pro-Russia contingent was holding out." The piece cites tweets from Howard Amos, a Guardian reporter on the scene, noting that the fire broke out on the main floor of the Trade Union building, where a pro-Kiev crowd had gathered and was storming the building – and where, as USA Today noted, "Witnesses and journalists reported that as the building burned with people inside, a crowd shouted, ‘Glory to Ukraine!” and ‘Death to enemies!’"

The USA Today headline read: "Fire Kills 31 in Odessa." But did the fire kill them – or was it the people who set the fire? And let’s go back to Howard Amos’ tweets to find out exactly who is fighting on the front lines on the pro-Kiev side: why it’s Right Sector! They’re leading the crowd, just as they did on Friday.

Right Sector is the violent neo-Nazi group that served as the Kiev coup leaders’ shock troops as they took over Ukraine’s capital city and drove Yanukovich and his supporters out. Their Fuehrer, Dymtro Yorash, is a fascist ideologue who recently announced he was moving the group’s headquarters to east Ukraine – the scene of recent fighting between pro-coup and pro-Russian factions.

By all accounts, the local police – under Kiev’s command – did nothing as the pro-Kiev crowd danced in the streets while the building burned. It took the fire department an hour to get to the scene.

Complete story at - Odessa: Ukraine’s Waco by Justin Raimondo --

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