Sunday, May 11, 2014

No Republican president since Eisenhower has been legitimately elected, says Thom Hartmann | The Smirking Chimp

— from Americablog

Has treason been behind many of our presidential election results — real treason?

The fishyness, for want of a better word, involved in the election of our modern Republican presidents is both well understood and under the radar, but for those who dare look, the implications are stark. In 2003 I myself wrote a piece making the same point for a web site I won’t name, because the piece was rejected. It’s just too bold a truth.

A strong case can be made that indeed, no Republican president since Eisenhower has been legitimately elected. And if sabotaging the negotiations of the elected U.S. government in order to win power is treason, well, some dare call it so, including Thom Hartman.

There’s an asterisk next to Bush I (George H.W. Bush) but I’ll deal with that below the Hartmann quote.

A Child’s Garden of Treason

This is radio host Thom Hartmann, in an interview covering the material of his new book, The Crash of 2016. The interviewer is Mark Karlin of Truthout. I’m printing just the part of the interview that deals with modern Republican presidents. The discussion starts with FOX News, then veers into Republican presidential legitimacy (my emphasis and paragraphing; square-bracket comments are the Truthout editor’s):

[Mark] KARLIN: You have a section on Roger Ailes as head of the GOP network (FOX). How significant do you think TV has been in getting America’s white working – and what remains of the middle – class to blame the nation’s woes on less fortunate non-whites, in many cases as poor as them?

[Thom] HARTMANN: It’s been absolutely consequential. FOX News was started by a billionaire who, in the beginning, lost 100 million dollars a year for the first five years in order to get the network up [it is now extremely profitable].

Republicans have really struggled since FDR to reverse the New Deal.

In 1968, LBJ had negotiated peace between North and South Vietnam. The Nixon campaign got a hold of the information that an end to the Vietnam War was at hand through the peace talks being held in Paris. A telephone transcript released of a conversation between President Johnson and Republican Senator Everett Dirksen indicates that Johnson knew that the Nixon campaign was … undermining the tentative peace agreement.

Johnson told Dirksen that what Nixon’s campaign was doing in trying to sabotage peace in order to win the ’68 election against [Hubert] Humphrey was treason, and Dirksen, a senior Republican, agreed.

In effect, Johnson was pleading with leading Republicans to get the Nixon operatives to allow a peace agreement. But Nixon refused to back off and won the ’68 election [but thousands upon thousands of US soldiers and Vietnamese died over the next few years, as well as an escalation of the war into Cambodia - and the resultant Khmer Rouge massacres - due to a GOP willingness to sacrifice lives to win an election].

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