Friday, May 9, 2014

NATO and Ukraine Government Escalate Threats Against Russian and Ukrainian People

On April 22, the Ukraine government announced a new military offensive against its citizens in the east of the country. The UK Telegraph said 11,000 troops and 160 armored vehicles are involved.

The offensive is directed at the popular protest movement that has deepened since the coming to power of a rightist government in Kiev two months ago. Protesters want economic and social improvements to the harsh conditions of life faced by most people in eastern Ukraine. They oppose the austerity policies of the new government that are a condition of its cherished hopes for closer economic ties with the European Union.

The movement increasingly believes that political autonomy and retaining economic ties with Russia are the only way out of the region's economic morass.

Attacks by Ukrainian armed forces so far have killed at least four people in two clashes.

A pattern has quickly emerged of the government exaggerating the results of its offensive. It claims it has retaken public buildings in some of the ten or so cities taken over by the protest movement in the past month. However, BBC journalists, CBC Radio reporter Derek Stoffel and many other journalists on the ground say they're seeing nothing resembling that. The Globe and Mail's Mark MacKinnon, who has been in Ukraine for weeks, wrote from Warsaw on April 23: "Despite the ramped-up rhetoric, there were few signs Wednesday of the renewed Ukrainian military operation in Donbass."

Complete story at - NATO and Ukraine Government Escalate Threats Against Russian and Ukrainian People


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