Sunday, May 18, 2014

Most of Europe's Running Out of Fossil Fuels | Motherboard

A report out today shows how the distribution of natural resources around the globe has changed over a decade, and it’s not a pretty picture. Our supplies of many resources are dwindling, and fast.

The report by the Global Resource Observatory at the Anglia Ruskin University's Global Sustainability Institute produced a series of maps that show how many years each country has until resources run out if its consumption rates continue at the same rate: food, water, natural gas, oil, coal—you know, just life’s little luxuries.

The most alarming maps are, unsurprisingly, related to energy. We know that oil, gas, and coal are finite resources, but the colour-coded indicators of quite how little is left in some places is nevertheless a stark reminder of our current situation, and Europe in particular needs the wake-up call. According to the GRO, the UK has fewer than 10 years of oil left, and fewer than five years of coal and natural gas, with the rest of Europe also looking pretty barren (though Russia is doing just fine). These maps show the distribution of oil, coal, and gas in 2010, the most recent year shown in the report:

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