Friday, May 16, 2014

"Kiev junta" threatens MPs with beating them to have their votes - political analyst - The Voice of Russia:

Ukrainian MPs have called for the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate an assassination attempt on Gennady Kernes, the mayor of eastern Ukraine’s city of Kharkov. In late April, he was shot in the back while jogging and currently remains in hospital.

On May 13, Valery Bolotov, the self-declared People's Governor of the Lugansk Region in eastern Ukraine, was injured in what police said was also an assassination attempt. Radio VR talked to Dmitry Babich, VR's political analyst, about who could have been behind the plots.

It is quite clear that the political opinions of Mr. Kernes and Mr. Bolotov were so clearly anti-junta, they were so much against this so-called new Government in Kiev, that the answer I think is quite obvious. Although, I was surprised when I heard a BBC correspondent in Kharkov citing all kinds of versions after an assassination attempt against Kernes. He cited Russia’s involvement, he cited Kernes’s business deals, anything except for what to me looked the most obvious – the animosity of the authorities in Kiev. Because just recently, right after President Yanukovych was toppled, the first city where he came and where he was met with support was Kharkov. And Kernes was the Mayor of Kharkov.

So, it is just amazing how the Western journalists pretend not to notice obvious things. Just recently they haven't seen millions of people coming to the referendums in Donetsk and in Lugansk. And in the same way now they say – oh, who could shoot at the people’s governor of Lugansk Bolotov? We don’t know. Maybe the Russians. As if there was no military operation, the so-called antiterrorist military operation underway in Lugansk and in Donetsk.
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Complete story at - 'Kiev junta' threatens MPs with beating them to have their votes - political analyst - The Voice of Russia:

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